Monday, September 24, 2012

Squishy's First Swim & a Photo Shoot!

Have you heard of "Trash the Dress" photo shoots?  The general idea is that when a woman gets married she gets this beautiful white wedding dress that is in perfect condition; but, as life goes on we may have kids, may get divorced, and as time goes on life becomes more chaotic and doesn't stay white and shiny.  These photo shoots aren't some revenge against exes or something out of anger, rather it's a fun way to celebrate life and have a blast with that dress you spent a ton on.

A friend of mine has been doing a number of these shoots in the hope that he'll publish a book with them and this past weekend a girl friend of mine was the subject of a shoot and we went to help out.  Me, hubby, Squishy, the model, her son, and the photographer all headed out to a house boat owned by the girl who was modeling the dress. 

Daddy and Squishy!

The photo shoot was a blast and the photographer was able to get pictures of her going down the water slide off the boat, in the hot tub on the boat, in the mud on the shore, jumping off the speed boat, and even wake boarding in her dress after we cut it off at the knees. 

Anywho, after he headed home the rest of us fooled around in the water.  Hubby went down the water slide a few times.  Squishy floated around in the water and LOVED it and was kicking her feet (she also fell asleep on the speed boat).  Which I am so thankful for because me and water don't get along.  I'm fine just puttering around in it; but, I'm not a strong swimmer and we tend to get in a lot of arguments.  In fact, on our honeymoon a palm reader knew I didn't like open water and told me it's because I was a sailor who went down with the ship.  Case in point, I finally got the lady balls to go down the water slide...and I got a bloody nose and a cut eyebrow. 

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