Friday, September 21, 2012

Paint Splatter Nails w/ Quick Tutorial!

I have had a very strange love of paint splatter for years now.  When I bought a junky desk last year I immediately painted it purple and then took it in the drive way and splattered some neon paint all over it.  If it wouldn't make a giant mess, I'd probably paint a wall of the house that way too; but, alas, it would so I settled for doing my nails. 

First of all, forgive me that the tips look a little worn.  I actually did them on Sunday but the pictures I took then looked horrible so I had to retake the pictures and I've done a lot dishes since then.  They held up pretty well though.

So to start I did a coat of Essie Blanc.  It's my favorite white I have because after two coats there are almost no streaks.

Then I picked a few of my cheaper colors since you do waste more because you have to pour out some of the paint to make it work.

I poured one color at a time onto a paper plate and then dipped the end of the straw into the paint.  Hold your nails over the plate and give a quick puff of air into the straw while it's pointed at your nails.  It took some practice for me and I learned to check that the bottom of the straw had a paint bubble across it before I'd even blow.

You will get messy and if you aren't willing to go back through with a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover I recommend you either tape your fingers or coat them in vaseline for quicker cleanup.

Super easy, somewhat time consuming, & very cute!

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