Friday, October 9, 2015

Recipe: Lucky Charm Bird Nest Treats

Ever since Squishy started school we've been doing a lot of cooking.  While it can be time consuming, and messy, to try to cook with a three year old, it also has a ton of benefits.
  • Teaches her how to cook
  • Teaches her how long it takes mommy and daddy to make the food she refuses to eat
  • Teaches basic math skills (counting, measuring, fractions)
  • Teaches patience
  • Teaches how to follow directions
  • And helps to teach kitchen/oven safety
Last week we made some delicious apple muffins that I'll probably share with the blog later on.  I forgot to take pictures this go around :(  It corresponded  with reading Apple Farmer Annie.

This week we read Who Took the Farmer's Hat so we made bird nests.  Her teacher supplied a suggested recipe to make bird nest snacks but I of course had only two of the gazillion ingredients and I avoid taking both small children to the store unless absolutely necessary so we had to make do.  Instead, we made a slightly less healthy version with snacks we had at home.

Click below to find the recipe!