Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunburns & Gatorade & a Baby Smile Too

I am sitting here sunburnt and overly full of Gatorade after going for my run in 90 degree plus weather.  I am tired and my knees hurt.  Why didn't anyone tell me making a lifestyle change would be so hard?

The reason I brave the heat anyway.
I'm kidding.  Kind of.  I mean, I did know it would be hard; but, it's really daunting to change your entire life and break an addiction to food.  Especially when you rely on the number on your scale for validation of your feelings.

That's not what I want though.  I don't want to wrap myself up in the scale.  I keep having to remind myself that this isn't about a number, this is about changing my life and becoming healthier.  So, my plan is to stop weighing myself until at least August 1st.  Longer if I have the will power.  Instead my gauge will be my largest pair of pre-pregnancy pants.  I'm still rocking the maternity jeans until I lose weight because I refuse to buy giant pants so I'm really looking forward to fitting in my old jeans. 

Last week I was also running and doing Turbo Fire; but, again, I started to think about it and that level of intensity isn't sustainable.  I can't do that high of intensity 5-6 days a week for the rest of my life.  Some days I was running and doing Turbo Fire in the same day.  Once I start the next phase of my training at the end of August I'll be running 3-4 days a week and I'm supposed to do lighter cross training a few other days with rest days as well.  Continuous high intensity isn't sustainable for the rest of my life and all it does is set me up for joint pain.  Running and light cross training I can do for the rest of my life so that's my new plan. 

I've been watching Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition this week and some of these people are losing over half their body fat in a year.  One guy managed to lose the weight despite ending a long term relationship, starting a new career, becoming homeless, and losing his child.  If someone could do that, I should be able to change my life and lose the weight I need to lose.  It's also really making me think about how it really can become an addiction.  I'm seriously considering cutting out sweets and juices for the next week or so to break that craving; but, we'll see. 

So, in summary, no more scale for awhile, keeping to workouts I can maintain for life, and possibly cutting out sweets.  Above all, I'm reminding myself that this is for life and it's a lifestyle change and not a diet so I need to stop thinking of it as a diet.

In Squishy related news...SHE'S SMILING!
She smiles all the time; but, it's illusive on camera.  It's hard to catch one.
I also took a really cute video of her smiling that I would have loved to post but the hubby used her real name in it.  The strange thing about the video is that at the beginning it almost sounds like she's laughing.  I don't know though because most babies don't laugh until somewhere between 3 and 4 months and she just turned 9 weeks.

Chubby Cheeks and Long Eyelashes
I'm also sad and excited all at the same time because tomorrow she has her 2 month appointment.  Which means shots :( but also a weight and height check which I'm dying to know.  Hubby is 6'3 so I'm predicting she'll be a tall girl in the not too distant future.  At 5'2, she's definitely going to tower above me probably around junior high.  She'll be a cranky baby but at least I'll have the new Chamber of Secrets chapters to explore on Pottermore. 

So that's our life at the moment.  I'll keep you updated.  Maybe tomorrow after her sad panda doctor visit. 

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  1. What a smile! She'll be breaking hearts in no time.

    If you haven't already, I'd recommend this New York Times article about the power of habits:

    It starts by explaining how companies use habits to influence buying decisions, but it also goes into the psychology of habit formation, which may help with your exercising goals. In any case, it's a fascinating read.