Friday, July 27, 2012

My Blog has Abandonment Issues

Oh, poor little blog.  How I have mistreated you!  Alas, with Squishy pediatric ophthalmologist appointments, 200+ mile trips for temporarily moving to Malaysia parties, eye inspections for me, and trips to the fair, we have been quite busy.

Since, I'm sure the first thing you're wondering about now is the Squishy baby, I'll fill you in on that first.  When she had her two month check-up in early July our fantastic pediatrician checked her eyes and was getting a strange refraction from her left eye.  It was very subtle; but, it was enough that she needed to see the pediatric specialist to make sure that all was good in the hood since it could have been a sign of cataracts and other no bueno problems.

Turns out the Squish is fine though.  She has perfect vision (for a baby) and does not need to go in to have her eyes checked until right before she starts school.  Yay!  It was such a relief.  Poor thing did get her tiny eyes dilated and had to be in the house with shades drawn for about 24 hours; but, it was worth it to find out she was okay.

Squishy in sunglasses to protect her poor dilated eyes.
Keep reading to find out more about us these days

I too had an eye appointment today.  Hubby informed me that it was crazy that I'd never seen an optometrist.  Hey, I thought my pediatric appointments were good enough.  It's only been seven years since I was in pediatrics.  That's not too long, right? ;)

So, I have a prescription; but, it's only .25 and it needs to be .50 for insurance to cover glasses.  Boo!  Basically, I don't need them badly; but, they would be useful for driving as my distance vision is getting a wee bit blurry.  Within the next few years I'm sure I'll qualify though.  Until then, no glasses for me.

Hmm, what else?  Oh, watching Squishy start to interact more is hilarious.  She's been smiling for almost 4 weeks now; but, more recently she's start what I can only call guffawing.  It's not a giggle.  It's definitely a strange chuckle sound.  I have gotten her to laugh once complete with shoulder shaking; but, it hasn't happened again.

She's also working on figuring out those damn hands.  She watches them every so often and is working on figuring out how to get them into her mouth.  It's funny to watch her watch them come in.  She'll get it to her mouth and start sucking but it's like she can only focus on one thing at a time so once she focuses on sucking her hand migrates away.  I was so proud of her though, I left her sleeping while taking the dogs out and when I came back in she was sucking her thumb.  Although, a paci habit is easier to break than a thumb habit, it would be nice for her to be able to comfort herself a bit.

She also managed to drag her Sally to her mouth the other day and om nommed on her hair a bit right after this picture. :)
The only other big change in our world is I switched to cloth diapers!  I'd been thinking about it before she was even born and I finally sucked it up and went ahead with an order the other night.  For now, we will cloth diaper at home and for short trips out of the house; but, for longer trips we will use sposies. 

This is my teeny tiny stash of cloth diapers
I will definitely update how it's going when I've given it a few days.  Preliminaries are good though.   Supposedly little one's sleep better in cloth diapers and between a bottle at 10, not much napping past 6, and a cloth diaper, Squishy slept for over six hours last night! Oh my gosh, it was glorious.  The only reason she even woke up was because the alarm went off. 

I'm also trying to tend my business a little better again.  I'm a Scentsy consultant, which I LOVE; but, I've been a little neglectful since Squishy was born.  I really need to get on that again.   It's nice making a little extra money and plus I love the discount because the products make my house (especially the nursery) smell all lovely and such.  ( If you're interested  )

So, that's that.  Expect updates in the next few days on my new healthy lifestyle and a tutorial on my favorite food I make to make up for missing some Munchy Monday's. 

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