Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Squishy's First Weekend Trip (aka Why You Always Check the Number of Diapers in the Diaper Bag)

This weekend hubby and I took Squishy on her first weekend trip back to my hometown.  We live about a four to five hour drive from where I grew up.  The story goes, I went to college, I met a boy, we both got jobs in said college town, we got married, we bought a house near said college town, and then we had a squishy. 

My entire family lives in the same area and since Squishy's grandparents and godmother have been the only people who have been able to meet her yet, we decided to make a trip north.  Plus, the fair was this weekend and as a former 4-H'er, I can't resist the fair.
Dublin says "Come read about the adventure!"

Since hubby took off a week to hang out with Squishy and I in the hospital, he's a little low on vacation time and since we were in the hospital for a week and are a little low on funds, it was decided that we'd leave on Friday after hubby got off work. 

Before he got home I had loaded up the car and fed the baby her last pre-road feeding.  We got some gas and a sandwich and hit the road.  We planned to stop half way at In-n-Out because they have nice clean bathrooms to use and a safe parking lot to feeding Squishy in.

Here is where I made the first mistake.  Before we fed Squishy I changed her.  We gave her a bottle and she proceeded to poop.  Why she chose that day to have two BM's when she's normally an every other day kind of girl I do not know.  Okay, well that's a bummer we think we'll just change her again.

Squishy does NOT approve of our oversight.

Arg.  My second, but actually previous mistake, was not checking to make sure we had more diapers in the diaper bag before we left.  See, we didn't even have any diapers in the car as my mom had picked some up for us to have there.  Off to a shady Walmart we went.  Diapers were changed.  We got back on the road and finally reached the homeland well after 10.

Saturday was family meet and greet day.  We took Squishy to her great-grandma's house where she met all of her great aunts and uncles as well as her cousins once removed.  There was lot of pass the baby.  She was loved on greatly.  It was a generally good time. 

4 generations of women

Sunday was fair time.  That morning we went to breakfast with Squishy's grandpa and she met her great-grandparents on that side, as well as some extended family.  Then we headed to the fair with her godmother and grandpa. 

She sat through her first auction, smelled lots of different animals, and was told multiple times that she too will show cows.

Oh, and we remembered last minute to take at least one picture of her first fair.   She was clearly very into it.   :)
Overall, I'd call our weekend a success.  We definitely learned a lesson.  My only wish is that we'd taken more pictures.  We carry the camera in our diaper bag but I really want to make a more concerted effort to take more pictures.  She's already growing so fast.  If anyone has a tip for remembering to take more pictures please let me know in the comments. 

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