Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Too Smart for Her Britches

Squishy is 14 months now and she's already too smart for her britches.  I've worked with kids for a long time.  I taught two year olds for a good portion of that time.  I'm used to sneaky kiddos.  I'm used to grumpy kiddos.  But heaven help me, I didn't know it could start so soon.  I have two quick stories to share (quick post before bed), that I think are hilarious and make me wonder what the teenage years will be like.

Gratuitous cake picture of my silly girl

1. Hubby has some little ninja toys he's had since he was in elementary school.  A few years back when I helped him clean his mom's house we rediscovered them and they came home with us.  For a long time they say on his desk at work but when he changed offices they found their way home and into some drawers that sit next to our computer desk. Squishy discovered them a few weeks ago but we've discouraged her playing with them as she shouldn't be going through the drawers. 

Follow the cut


Now Squishy likes to wander from room to room.  Fine by me.  I know she's safe and after a head start I follow her. The other day her meanderings brought her back to our bedroom (where the computer desk lives) and I heard her being awfully quiet.  I came into the room, with hubby behind me and what did we find?  Squishy playing with the ninjas.

Not surprising, kids get into stuff.  The kicker: the minute she saw us walk in she started shoving all of the ninjas back in the drawer and tried to close it as fast as she could!!

WHAT!?!?  She just turned 1 two months ago.  How can she already be sneaky?

2.  One of her other favorite "toys" right now is the dog water bowl.  She likes to try to splash in it.  She likes to put things in it.  I've even caught her trying to drink from it.  None of which is acceptable.  So when she does it I pick her up and move her into the living room so that she's removed from the temptation.  Well, on Sunday she decided to give her sippy cup a swim and so I scooped her up and put her in the living room. 

She put her head on the ground and cried for a second.  Then picked herself by the proverbial bootstraps, looked me in the eye with a grump face, and then walked her little self to the front door and tried to reach the door knob.  My 1 year old tried to run away!  Again, isn't she a little too young for that?

Ugh.  I have to laugh because she's just so ridiculous.  I just can't laugh in front of her because I need to be serious business mommy; but, oh my goodness sometimes it is so hard not to just crack up at her determined little self.

As scared as I am about what she'll get into as time goes on, I am so excited to see how quick witted she grows up to be.  I think she's definitely one we'll have to challenge.

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