Monday, August 5, 2013


For the record: I debated as to whether or not I wanted to make this post.  I hemmed I hawed, but ultimately I decided I wanted to.  If only so that those close to me and who read this know why I'm a little preoccupied over the next few weeks or months (hopefully weeks).  Friends and family are not allowed to ask how this is coming along.  I'll announce when I see fit :)

We are officially trying for #2.

We decided to start about a week ago, just in time for this month.  We'll try for my July-September cycles and if it doesn't happen then we will wait until January.  Mainly because it's crazy hot here in the summer and I have no desire to be hugely pregnant in the summer and also we're planning around a family vacation that takes place in July.

Right now I'm in what people call the TWW or two week wait for those who aren't all up on the TTC (trying to conceive forums).  What is this TWW you ask?  It's the two weeks you usually have to wait between when you ovulate and when you get your BFP (big fat positive preggo test) or when you get shark week (aka the menstrual flow of sadness).  The TWW sucks balls!  All I want to do is know or not.  My gut tells me this isn't our month but I want to know for sure and I want it to be time to move on to next month if it isn't.

This month we kept it low key and didn't do anything to up our chances except for trying around when I'm ovulating.  If we move on to next month I'll use ovulation prediction kits and temperature charting to give us the best shot possible.  I've actually started charting already to get in the habit.

I have to say this is so much more stressful than getting pregnant with Squishy.  Squishy was a "wanna risk it?" "sure!" moment.  I don't regret it for a minute and it was lovely spending two weeks not stressing until I got that test.  This whole actually trying thing is tough.  I do not have the patience needed for this! 

I have a few more days until I can test and even if it's positive I won't be telling the world for awhile.  ***This will probably be my last post on this until I announce a pregnancy.*** In the meantime I'm trying to kill time by reading a done, playing with Squishy a lot, reading the drama filled April 2014 Birth Club on babycenter, and cleaning.

Keep your fingers crossed that this month or next month are the ones for us :)  Or September at the latest.

Love xxoo 

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