Monday, February 4, 2013

Goody QuikStyle Review

Oh my goodness, do I love Influenster.  Since I signed up in the fall I've been sent dish soap, Eboost, lip gloss, oatmeal, nail dressings, face masks and, my new favorite, a hair brush to try out for free.  I love it because as long as I try them out and review them (being 100% genuine), I can continue to receive stuff to try.  In fact, I did so well reviewing the dish soap a few months back that the company sent me free toothpaste, body wash, and hand soap (didn't even need to review it).

This past December I received my favorite product to date, the Goody QuikStyle brush.  I'd seen it a few times at Target and I was intrigued since it looked so funky but I was a little leery to shell out the money for something that may or may not work. 

As you can see it looks kind of funky.
I received the round brush but it also comes as a paddle brush.  The goal of the brush is that your hair can dry more rapidly as the microfiber bristles help to suck the moisture out of your hair.  I was skeptical.  As it is, I rarely dry my hair since it's so long and there is so much of it, drying my hair typically takes nearly half an hour.  With a 9 month old, I rarely have that half an hour to spare.

Much to my surprise, when I first tried the brush is seemed to cut down on drying time.  I used it in conjunction with a blow dryer to dry my hair fairly straight.  (I still need a straightener no matter what since my naturally wavy/curly hair likes to frizz.)

So, for the sake of an accurate review on Saturday I used the brush and my dryer to see how long it took to dry my hair.  It took 15 minutes.  Half the time it normally takes.  Not too shabby when my hair is down to my chest.  After 15 minutes it was dry enough to safely use my hair straightener without having to worry about any moisture causing smoking.  Plus, it already got my hair somewhat straight so my straightener had less work to do.

I can honestly say I LOVE this brush.  The only downside is that it takes a little bit more effort to clean it than a regular brush as the microfiber bristles do make cleaning out the hair a little more difficult.  This brush is worth the money.  I'm thinking of adding the paddle brush to my collection as well.

Disclaimer: In case you skipped over the top, I did receive this product for free from Influenster in my 2012 Holiday Voxbox.  However, my reviews are 100% genuine and I don't get special treatment for favorable reviews.  If you have any questions about Influenster and how to become one, feel free to leave a comment and I'll fill you in. 

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  1. When I first saw this at Target, I could not stop laughing. Really? A towel in a brush? Seems like a natural idea in theory, but it looks a bit ridiculous.

    I'm glad, though, to hear it's not some marketing gimmick and actually works. Thanks for reviewing.