Monday, February 25, 2013

Fitness, Birthdays, Move Outs, & House Purging!

Well, we have had a rather busy week.  An amazing week really.  Let us address the subject of this blog in order with the most awesome topic at the end.


You may, or may not, have noticed that I haven't really been posting my fitness related stuff on here.  I'm still very active in getting healthy and am pursuing it full bore; but, I'm focusing my fitness writings on my tumblr.  This is more about our family, parenthood, and crafting type stuff.  If you're interested in the link to that just let me know, I'm happy to share.  I also finally got a B.O.B. jogging stroller and it's amazing.


We are starting to plan Squishy's birthday as she'll be one at the beginning of May and nearly everyone has to travel 4-8 hours to get to us.  So invites have been purchased and just need to be written out and mailed.  I have the cake place picked out.  Now I just need to figure out what we want to do for food and how we're going to set up the backyard to accommodate guests.  

Move outs:

So, I don't think I've ever talked about it on this blog; but, my mother-in-law has lived with us since October of 2011.  I mainly haven't written about it because it sucked.  She ended up losing her house to foreclosure and didn't have a good enough job to even get an apartment so since she had no other plans and no family near by I was trying to be a good newlywed wife and I offered to let her move in thinking she'd get on her feet quickly.  Of course, a week after I said that we found out I was pregnant.

My MIL didn't end up getting a job until seven months later and even then it was only part time.  I know she kind of tried to look for a job; but, she didn't leave the house to try which makes finding a job difficult. 

She's not a bad person by any means but having to share my new house (we only bought it 2 months before she moved in) really took a toll on me and I was feeling a little mentally crazy and depressed.  Plus, we want to have another child so in November, we gave her until May 1st to either be out or to have a well enough paying job to save to move out. 

In January we found out she had a boyfriend through a friend who saw them together but she never mentioned him.  The situation was kind of weird because even though she lived with us, it was like ships passing in the night.  We never talked.  On my end I just ignored her because I was too frazzled and frustrated and it was easier to pretend she wasn't living with us if I ignored her. 

So last Thursday the baby and I walked to work and when I got home she was loading something heavy into her car.  I thought it was strange but whatever.  Then when I got inside I noticed she was doing laundry when her laundry day is supposed to be Sunday.  It was the sheets off the futon she'd been sleeping on.  The bedding was mine but I didn't think too much of it.  Her cat lived in that room with her and was pretty sick so I figured maybe the cat had just gotten sick.

Then hubby and I went for a walk and he realized that the heavy thing that she loaded into her car was her computer.  We thought that was weird but whatever.  We joked that maybe she was moving out haha.  Well then at 8:30 at night while we were watching TV she came out and asked hubby if he could help her carry her stuff to the car.  As he walked away I mouthed "Is she moving out?"  The answer was YES.  She moved out, at night, to her bf's, who we've never met, whose address we don't have, and whose name we don't know.  To top it off....she said she was trying to leave 4 hours earlier which would would have been when we weren't home.  She was trying to sneak out!  So strange.  So she's gone.  I don't know where to & and we haven't heard from her.  Literally the weirdest move out ever.

House Purging

Well, now that we have an extra bedroom again we've started moving stuff around and having a house redecorating/stuff getting rid of/yard straightening party.

All three of our dogs are crate trained and since we had the baby and and lost our extra room too, our dog crates were first in the living room (ugh) and then in our bedroom (slightly better but still sucked).  So now, the dog crates are in that extra room and we also moved Squishy's toys in the their so it's a playroom too.  Makes things nice because she is getting into EVERYTHING right now and she can't hurt herself in there or get into anything she shouldn't.

With the crates out of our bedroom we moved our bedroom around completely.  Switched the wall our bed is on.  I had wanted it on this wall originally; but we measured and didn't think it would fit with both of our nightstands so we put it the way it had been.  IT TOTALLY FIT!  And now our room looks so much bigger even though we moved our computer desk in our room as well. 

I am so happy!  We had our computer desk in with my MIL so that she could use her computer so we've been without a desktop or printer for almost a year.  We've been relying on our phones and my ailing macbook. 

With all the moving around of stuff I've also found a few things to get rid of.  There is a super cute desk I painted but it's been in our garage for months and we won't have room for it in the house for a long time.  I got it at the goodwill.  I can paint another desk sometime.  I don't want to have store it for years when it'll be easy to replace.  I have a ton of stuff like that and I've listed them all on a local buy, sell and trade facebook group.

Finally, we've started working on our backyard.  3 dogs have taken it's toll on our yard and when you combine that with the fact that a baby makes it hard to do yard work our backyard has been neglected.  We spent this weekend working on turning a portion of our yard into a dog run.  Our backyard came with a cement pad surrounded by lattice and I got to take out a panel of the lattice with a sledgehammer and we are extending the remaining lattice to the fence creating a run for the dogs alongside the house and then on the cement pad as well.  It's kind of hard to explain; but, I'll post pictures when I'm done.  We are also planting some jasmine to climb the lattice (jasmine smells amazing) and we bought some raspberry plants that we need to plant.

Over the next few weekends we'll revitalize the grass, hopefully get some more outdoor furniture, and just a general tidy.  Should be a lot easier when the dogs start only using their dog run for their business.  Hopefully it'll be nice and beautiful for Squishy's birthday since our party will mainly be outside.  Our big family's wont fit inside!

~~This is my update.  More to come soon.  Hopefully with pictures.~~

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