Friday, August 31, 2012

I Need More Mommy Friends

I live in a fairly isolated community.  Surrounding my county there are huge gaps of nothingness and podunk towns before you get to anything remotely populous.  It's quite lovely actually, except when you're looking for a mommy and me group.

You see, I've decided that I need more mommy friends.  I have...two.  Yup, I only have two mommy friends.  I do appreciate them; but, it's hard to relate when their kids are 3 and 7 years older than mine. 

So, I decided, in my quest for mommy friends, to find a local mommy and me type class.  I was leaning towards a class where I could get some exercise and Squishy could tag along.  Even a music class where I move her little legs and arms would be fine.  Nope.  I'm SOL until she's 9 months and we can join a mommy and me gymnastics class. 

I'm also not the type of girl who'll just walk up to other moms in the store.  I was never one to hit on guys so why would I suddenly decide to it with other moms.

Squishy says if my mommy doesn't get mommy friends soon I'm so going to eat my Poppie!

Of course, I have supportive non-mom friends; but, it's hard for them to understand what it's like.  I can't do all the things I did before I had a baby.  I can't just go to the movies.  I can't just take weekend trips.  (I have to bring so much more stuff when we travel now).  And, friends don't get that I don't want to just leave her with hubby.  It's not that I don't trust him, more like I love her so much and don't want to be away from her.  They don't get that love yet.

I'm thankful that a few of my friends are pregnant now and a few more are planning on trying next year; but in the meantime it's rough.  I look forward to five to ten years from now when my friends all have kids and finally get it.  I have another human being to look after now.  It kind of changes things :)

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