Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pregnancy Update

As usual I've been MIA.  Life has been fairly hectic and I have been utterly exhausted.  Blog has had to drop by the wayside a bit. 

Squishy has swim four days a week at 8am, I watch a friend's 6 month old four days a week, and I pick up big kids from school five days a week.  Throw that in with being 17 and a half weeks pregnant and I am exhausted.  I have not slept past 7am in over a month and I don't think I've slept through the night in at least that long.  I need to be up by 7 for one reason or another every. single. day.

Other than the exhaustion I'm doing well though.  This pregnancy has been flying by so much faster than Squishy's.  I chalk it up to having to chase after an 18 month old.  I really don't have time to sit and reflect on it the way I did when I was pregnant with her.

Pregnancy Bullet Points:
* I've lost five pounds and only gained two back so far.  Yay.
* I'm officially feeling kicks now.
* The baby freaks out when I have pineapple.
* Yes I have names picked out.  No we don't know, and will not know, the gender.
* I've hard morning sickness this time but only two instances of actually getting sick.  Both times due to a horrible gag reflex when coughing.
* I'm craving savory stuff like salsa, burritos, salty snacks, and the like.  With Squishy all I wanted was sweets.
* I'm almost half way done!!

Squishy is doing really well too.  She cracks me up.  She is the biggest ham most of the time and the biggest diva some of the time.

Squishy Bullet Points:
* She can point to at least 10 body parts
* She's learning to swim
* She knows a few animal noises
* She has 20+ words but if you don't spend a lot of time with her you'd think she only said "hi" and "bye" when in fact she can say "here you go" "thank you" "chicken" "go" "mine!" "read" "sit" "cheese" and has a number of signs.
* She's also really into playing in the backyard which is nice and she is great at entertaining herself.
* She also loves the cat even though today I had to tell her "You may not lick the cat"

Hubby is doing well.  He's very much enjoying his new job and the perks have been nice for all of us. He's an awesome help around the house when he gets home and does a good job of getting stuff done so that I can relax in the evenings after a long day.  He gets so very many props.

We're also debating moving.  Our house would be fine if we had one more bathroom but we don't.  I'd also just like some more living space.  We're currently playing with three options 1) move but have a higher mortgage since we don't have a great down payment set aside at the moment, 2) convert our garage into either a master suite, or family room with a bathroom and stay here for another 8 years or so until we can have a GIANT down payment and buy a large house on land OR 3) convert nothing and save the money and upgrade in a few years.  We could sell this house and move asap (it's value has increased a lot since we moved in) but we'd like to keep this one as a rental.  I probably cycle through all 3 options at least ten times a day.  It's rather stressful. 

There is also a new subdivision being built that I love but I know that I would regret it in the long run as I love our little bit of land and chickens and I know we'd lose that in a subdivision.  I think when we move we'll get a plot of at least half an acre.  Ideally an acre or more. 

We're busy and hectic and I desperately need a new bed and a good night's sleep but I love it.  I love that I have friends working their careers or going to grad school but that was not the life I was meant to lead.  I love that I get to stay home at 26.  I love that we are in the financial position to do that.  I love that I'll be done having kids before I'm 30 (hopefully) and I look forward to attending grad school online when the kids are in school.  Or I might just be a stay at home mom forever.  Who knows.  I just feel very blessed to be where I am and wouldn't change it for the world.  I'm thankful to be done with the hustle and bustle of college and the immediate post college life.  I feel like an adult, a wife, and a mom.  Those are things I wouldn't change for the world.  :)

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