Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Official x2!

We are officially expecting baby #2 (aka Baby Burrito).  We've known for about six weeks now and I'll be ten weeks this Wednesday.  We ultimately decided to announce a little bit earlier with this one after a viability scare.  I decided that I would rather have the comfort of my family and friends than deal with any loss on my own.  Thankfully though everything is going great so far and it looks like we'll have another member of the family joining us around mid-April.  Meaning... we will very briefly have two under two. 

7 week ultrasound.  Just a baby blob :)
All of this has come at the perfect time considering hubby just got a new job too.  With Amazon!  We still get to live in the same area and our income is going up by roughly 45% so we are feeling very thankful and blessed right now.  He'll start in October.

Now that things are settling down for us again I hope to have more time for posting!

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