Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Dish Soap - Palmolive Fresh Infusions!

A few months back I joined a website called Influenster.  They collect a group of people who are interested in checking out new products, or sometimes relaunched products, and trying them out for free.  If you chose to review the products, you'll improve your Influenster score and be eligible to try more products.

NOTE:  When I'm doing a review of a product I receive I promise to always be truthful in my reviewing.  A lot of friends and family read my blog and I would never want to steer them wrong.  I also promise to not become a blog all about reviewing.  I had a favorite blog do that and it was so disappointing. 

So, last month I finally got my first box to check out!  I recieved 3 full size Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish soaps (one in each scent) as well as some really nice coupons.  Palmolive website

The Fresh Infusions come in 3 really interesting scents.  There aren't any Mountain Spring or Fresh Rain shenanigans.  It comes in Lime Basil, Lemon Thyme, and Ginger White Tea.  My favorite was the Lime Basil by far.  It smells amazing and I've been using it instead of hand soap when I need to wash my hands in the kitchen.

I gave both the Lemon Thyme and the Ginger White Tea to friends so they could have a chance to scope them out and neither of them could get over how AMAZING they smell.  I would live in the scent of the lime basil if I could.

They don't just smell good, they also work really well.  Hubby was the first to notice that our glasses seem to have less water spots which is awesome since our water here is so hard.  (I really need to get a filter but keep forgetting).  We also haven't noticed any problems getting grease off pans or anything else.  So, it's nice to know we don't have to sacrifice cleaning power for some yummy scents.   

I'm still using the one I was sent; but, if you're interested in checking them out, I know both Target and Walmart carry them.  I will definitely be looking for another one when I run out.  I love it that much!

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