Thursday, November 15, 2012

Has it Really Been Almost a Month?

Oops. Life has been pretty busy. Let's go through the bullet points

  • We had our family photos taken for Christmas
  • We went trick or treating with friends.  Well Squishy actually just hung out in my arms
  • My chickens escaped a lot
  • A good friend is dealing with some majorly jacked up shit
  • We started selling hubbys Magic the Gathering cards
  • And the biggest time suck of all....GISHWHES!  
What is GISHWHES?  Only a giant international scavenger hunt full of craziness.  For a week my friends and I went kind of crazy doing some very strange things.  Google it and do it next year.  I promise you won't regret it.

As for Squishy, she can now hold her own bottle and only needs help if she yanks it out.  She sleeps in her own room (usually without needing help in the middle of the night).  She sits up like a champ and enjoys sitting in shopping carts and the high chairs at restaurants now.  Oh and she is no longer short and chubby, she's just chubby.  She jumped from 30th percentile at 5 months to 58th at 6.  She's 88th for weight. 

Now for photos

This was a GISHWHES item.  Create the worst family photo ever while everyone holds cucumbers!  We took this after we took our real pictures.

GISHWHES again.  Go shopping with at least 50 stuffed animals in the cart or stuck to your body.

GISHWHES. Santa had to wait in line at the post office.  This was the cheapest Santa costume.  Also, I promise I'm not pregnant again, it's just a horrific angle. 
GISHWHES.  What do you look like sleeping? What would your child look like if they got to make a cake?  What would the cake look like?  What would they look like if they got to eat that cake?  Make a collage

And Squshy today.  Looking fly in her rainbow puff ball beanie and with her stuffed Pasquale

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  1. Squish is rockin' that Santa beard. I have to ask, though: are "the girls" storing your keys? Confused.

    Anyway...yay cucumbers!