Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Morning Adventures

One of the many reasons I've chosen to step away from Facebook this month is so that I can spend some more time unplugged with my girls.  I only tend to get on the computer at night once their both asleep; but, during the day I check my phone A LOT.  Usually for absolutely no reason. 

As part of my goals this month I'm trying to make a point of just doing more fun stuff out and about and at home.  So this morning I gave Squishy the choice of hike, zoo, or park.  She chose zoo and we did some park anyway. 

We are members at the local zoo and can go whenever so we wandered around for a bit (and I got some cute pictures I'll share under the cut) and then we went to the park up the hill a bit.  Squishy loves playing with other kids so much.  And it was extra cute because the little boy she was playing with said "bye" to him mom and tried to leave with us.

It was so nice!  Other than checking my phone for the time I didn't take it out once.

Kickin' it with the Maras!

Mr. Tiger just came out for a minute.  Usually he looks at Squishy like a snack.

Red river hog!

Squiggles doing baby crunches with her wubanub in the stroller

The meerkats food smelled like dog food.  I'm suspicious.

King Julian!!!!

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